Tired of all the arguing, poor communication, or tired of the infidelity?

Years ago, everything was so easy. You talked a lot, trusted a lot.  You had fun and laughed a lot.  But things have changed.

Maybe you feel you are walking on eggshells, afraid the wrong word will set off an argument, afraid a song on the radio will bring fresh tears because you can’t stop thinking about the infidelity. Maybe he/she is drinking too much. Maybe you feel disconnected from each other.  It can be a lonely place.

What I know is that no relationship is perfect and all relationships go through difficult times.  What I also know is that couples can learn to stop the fighting and can learn to trust again.   With a neutral, third person, couples can learn how to stop the pain.

If you are tired of the lack of trust, the same old arguing, feeling alone, I’d like to help.  Please contact me at (334) 277-1366.

Best Regards,
Sandra H. Segall, M.A. L.P.C.
Licensed Professional Counselor


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I came to Sandra in the middle of what was the hardest period of my life. I was struggling to make sense of what was happening in my life and suffering from depression and anxiety. Sandra provided much needed clarity, helped me quickly and effectively manage my depression, and put me on the path to recovery. I have no doubt that I would have floundered without Sandra’s sound treatment and guidance. I highly recommend her practice to any individual or couple.
— Anonymous
Sandra Segall is the best licensed professional counselor in the Montgomery area for domestic relations cases. I have worked with her extensively for many years in cases involving divorce and child custody. She is extremely professional and highly ethical. She employs the proper method based on each individual client. Her expertise with children is exceptional. She really is able to relate to children in a manner that produces positive therapeutic results. She also is an excellent witness in the courtroom as needed. Her reputation is impeccable.
— Anonymous